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Puppies do not come with Micro Chips unless you specifically ask for one to be implanted, this is an extra $25 charge. We will be glad to have males Neutered as well, our Vet does an excellent job if you would like us to take care of it and that is an extra $100.

If you have seen one of our ads, that puppy is more than likely still available because we keep our ads very up to date. For the fastest service, call the number above to talk to me personally; Iím the good looking bald guy in the picture to the right. I check the emails about ever couple hours so if you have emailed me and I have not answered back, text me at the phone number above so Iíll know. If you want a puppy, I need your business so please donít be embarrassed to contact me because I cannot do this without you. Thanks Keith† P.S. I Love My Job!† Making People Happy Is My Passion...